Story: Little Seed

A Short Story written by Sylentwhysper

Alexam lounged in front of the unlit fireplace and thought of his master. Paxil Silvan passed away not long ago, the funeral just last week. Alexam sighed, his memory extended back to the first time he met Paxil at Ravenswood Mansion.

The Old Vampire, who hadn’t looked so old at 800 years, greeted eight year old Alexam with a crook of his finger and a stern frown. On the defensive, Alexam called forth his witch magic, forming hot energy in his palm, ready to be disengaged.

Paxil smiled, “Your mother left you too early but she left you with power.”

Alexam’s face ashened with grief at the mention of his mother. She had died in the ongoing vampire wars, leaving behind her beloved son. The offspring of a powerful witch wasn’t to be thrown to the wolves, though. After the meeting, Paxil adopted the boy and began training Alexam how to wield his powers for good and sometimes for evil. All for the expansion of their vampire clan, of which Alexam was very loyal to.

Alexam embraced the vampire life when he turned twenty-six. He was converted by Mira, his then girlfriend, with Paxil’s approval, of course. A hundred years later, he was nominated for clan leader but rejected the position. But preferring to serve, instead of leading, didn’t mean he was weak. He was Commander of 200 elite vampires after all.

The vampire wars lasted for many years, but eventually a peace treaty was forged. When the wars ended, Paxil sent Alexam on meaningless errands but it at least kept him busy. Now, at 600 years old, with no war to fight, no lover to love and no master to serve, Alexam was restless. He had no purpose.

“Sir, your package is here.” Edgar’s deep voice interrupted Alexam’s musings.

Alexam glanced at his butler’s empty hands. “Well, where is it?”


“I’m assuming there’s a reason why you didn’t bring it in?” There was something amiss if Edgar wasn’t following through with his duties.

“She doesn’t want to come in,” Edgar replied.

“She?” Narrowed eyes marked Alexam’s confusion.

He bounced off the sofa and briskly made his way to the front door. Paxil’s last will had stated that Alexam would receive a gift on this day, obnoxiously listed as ‘The Package.’ He’d assumed it would be a box containing a magical artifact.

Slamming the double doors open with forceful magic, Alexam stepped out into the courtyard. He halted when his eyes landed on the child in front of him. A girl who looked very much like the portrait hanging in the West Room.

“Mother?” he couldn’t help but utter that word.

“Alex!” With a burst of excitement, she sprinted over to him and threw her arms around his waist for a sloppy hug.

Alexam blinked several times, attempting to overcome the shock. “Who are you?”

“My name is Seed,” she mumbled against his jacket. “Because I was made from a seed and a lock of my mother’s hair.”

Her arms tightened around him. Her affection warm and familiar.

“And who is your mother?” Alexam questioned gently, placing his hand on the child’s hair.

“Paxil said her name was Willow Mary. She planted me in a garden but it took me a loooong time to grow and she couldn’t wait for me.”

“Mother’s seed child? That means, I’m your brother.” Alexam finally understood. He vaguely remembered the stories of the old  witches that could grow a child from a seed and a strand of DNA.

The seed child pulled away and studied her brother’s face. “I wanted to meet you sooner but Paxil said you weren’t ready. Are you ready now? Can I come home?”

He gazed into the depths of his sister’s pleading eyes. He’d planned to follow in Paxil’s footsteps, to give up his immortality on his birthday, two months from now. That plan was dismissed. Somehow, his mother had known. He hadn’t thought of his mother for a long time, but in this moment, he ached for her. He had a sister. He had a purpose.

“Yes, you can come home now, little seed.” He brushed her face with a smile.

She peered at the gloomy mansion, “I’m sorry I didn’t want to come in earlier. I didn’t know this was your house. Paxil told me I should never go with strangers, especially to their houses.”

“No. Don’t go with strangers. How did you get here?”

“I took a transport vial. Paxil told me I couldn’t drink it until today.”

“How did you know what I looked like?”

“Paxil gave me picture. He said you would be a good brother.”

“He did? Tell me everything Paxil said,” Alexam grasped his sister’s hand and they went home.



Thanks for reading ‘Little Seed.’ This story was written for the May 2019 SimLit Challenge. The theme was mothers and mothering. At the end of the month, please vote for the stories you’ve enjoyed and support our awesome authors.



14 thoughts on “Story: Little Seed

  1. Lovely story! Very unique. I’m glad Seed found Alexam. Now he isn’t alone anymore and has a purpose again.


  2. Ok. I love this. I know I have showered you with compliments over the years, but all genuine. Photos – stunning and powerful and moody. ❤ I love your imagination, and how you can weave a storyline in different genre's. Wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

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