TS4 Poses: Male Basic Poses RS1

What is a ‘rotating’ pose and what is the purpose of these poses? Basically, it’s one pose that does a 360 degree rotation so you can take pictures of your sim at different angles. I made these because I would find great poses but sometimes, they aren’t facing the right way or the sim is looking in the wrong direction. As a workaround, I would always have to jump out of camera mode, un-pose the sim, reposition the sim while trying to guess which way the pose is going to face when I actually do play the pose, then go back to camera mode. If you love taking multiple photos of your sims, you know the process of posing could be a tedious task.

In this set, there are four basic poses (as shown above) and they all rotate fully. To get the most out of these poses, pause the loop at different times/angles to get different shots. Also, at the start position, try facing your sim in a different direction, the sim’s eye target is always forward, so you can get great off camera stares from your sim if you don’t face him forward.

I hope these poses can be useful. If people like them, I will make a few more. Thank you for downloading. – Sylentwhysper

DOWNLOAD – Mediafire (no adfly)


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