Story: First Kiss

A Short Story – Written by Sylentwhysper

“Hey,  Alexandria. Wait up!” Karson hurried to catch up.  “What’s the rush?”

Alexandria slowed her pace,  “Two power grids are malfunctioning,  causing flash blackouts. I have to send someone out to repair the panels.”

“I’ll go.” Karson volunteered.

“Thanks. That’ll save me from calling Marvin, he’s been in a bad mood lately.”

“Not a problem.  Besides, I have to impress a girl I really like.” Karson smiled knowingly at Alexandria.

“Yes, you do, don’t you?” She returned his smile.

“I had a great time last night,” Karson referred to their date from the previous evening.

“I had a good time too.” She replied.

“Then why did you send me off without a good-bye kiss?” Karson asked.

“I don’t kiss on the first date.” Alexandria shrugged. “One of my mother’s rule on dating when I was young. I’ve always stuck to it.”

“Well, I can’t disrespect your mom’s rules?” Karson looked defeated.

“I can kiss on the second date,” Alexandria told him.

“Are you free tonight?” He grinned.

She laughed,  “Yes.”

“Would you like to go on a second date with me?” His eyes begged her to say yes.

“I would like that.”

They arrived at C-23, the gear room. Karson put on his suit and readied to go out into vast space. Alexandria briefed him on where to locate the power panels and what he needed to do.

“I’ll be in the control room watching you on the screen and we’ll have a comm link open. If anything goes wrong, I’ll be here to direct you,” she assured him.

“Don’t worry. I got this.” Karson turned to enter the hatch but looked back and winked. “Don’t miss me too much while I’m gone.”

Alexandria laughed and shook her head at his confident charm.

In the control room, Alexandria turned on the view screen and tested the comms.

“Hi there, can you hear me?” She asked.

“Loud and clear. Can you see me?”

“Yeah.” She watched him cross the star-studded sky.

“It’s amazing out here.” Karson sighed. “It takes my breath away every time.”

“Me too.” Alexandria agreed.

“I wonder what everyone is doing down there? Mom? Dad? Kev, my brother?”

The lights flickered in the control room, prompting Alexandria to sit up. “Hey, I know you miss them. But we gotta stay focused on what we’re doing.”

“Right.” After a few minutes, Karson located the first panel. He started talking again while he re-worked the wires. “Confession time. I fell for you a long time ago, but I thought you were too smart for me. After a year of working together, I finally decided that I had to give myself a chance before you would give me a chance.”

Alexandria was about to reply, but an ‘OVERLOAD’ alert flashed on screen.

“Hey. Something’s wrong.” She warned.

“Ah, I think I mixed up the wires…”

BOOM! The explosion roared through the comm and Alexandria watched helplessly as Karson was instantly engulfed in a haze of sparks, smoke and fire.

“Karson!” She screamed, but she knew it was too late.

That night, ignoring the complete chaos of the aftermath of the explosion, Alexandria entered Sick Bay. Karson’s body had been retrieved from the debris in space and as soon as she saw him lying on the table, tears streamed down her face.

“You idiot.” She whispered as she hovered over his still form. “You adorable, foolish, beautiful idiot.” Unable to stop the grief, she sobbed for a long while.

Finally, she leaned down and kissed his cold lips. “Our first kiss. Our last kiss. Our good-bye kiss.”



Thank you for reading ‘First Kiss.’ This story was written for the April 2019 SimLit Challenge. The theme was Fools and Foolishness. At the end of the month, please vote for your favorite story and support our hard working authors.

– Sylentwhysper


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